The Ciuciu Cukier Artist is pleased to invite you to the Smallest Factory of Sweets in the World. We produce our sweets by hand on the basis of the technology taken from small manufactures of the 17th and 18th century.

Our Little Factory is second in Poland by the Gdańsk manufactory. We are probably the Smallest Factory of Sweets in the world, since we have scarcely 50 square metres of surface to work on.

We would like to invite all Children and Adults to the Grodzka Street 38 in Cracow to the Land of Sweets. During our shows you can watch from the very beginning till the very end how we create our candies and lollipops. During the production process you will have the opportunity to feel the airborne aroma of caramel. At the end of the show you will try still warm sweets.

Moreover, we take active part in the fair and markets, as well as different events held all through the year.

All our sweets are manufactured 100% by hand, without amendments, using only and exclusively natural food colourings.

List of flavours we use to make our sweets

anisic mint raspberry grapefruit
anisic-lemon eucalyptus orange cranberry
anisic-strawberry blackberry banana multifruit
cinnamon cocoa with chocolate watermelon grape
cinnamon-apple mint with chocolate apple thymic
cinnamon-plum cappuccino with chocolate kiwi passionfruit
coca-cola amaretto with chocolate pineapple mango
mulled wine sweetmeat lemon coffee
ginger strawberry lime caramel
vanilla cream-strawberry cream-raspberry rhubarb
pear licorice marzanki-wonne blueberry
cherry yogurt-plum yogurt-banana yogurt-blueberry
vanilla-strawberry-cream fudge chocolate apricot
rose wild strawberry plum spicy
salt & pepper chocolate with chilli

Our sweets are gluten free.